John J Decaro

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BACKGROUND The upward trend in industrial nations in the incidence of male genitourinary (GU) conditions may be attributed to increased exposure to endocrine disruptors. Polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), a brominated flame retardant, is one such suspected endocrine disruptor. OBJECTIVE We investigated the relationship between maternal serum levels of PBBs(More)
We report a case of scrotal squamous cell carcinoma in a 67-year-old man that presented as a recurrent nonhealing scrotal abscess. Radical scrotectomy and bilateral simple orchiectomy were performed. A pudendal thigh flap was used for wound closure. To our knowledge, this is the first report of its use after radical surgery for scrotal cancer. The clinical(More)
Tubulocystic carcinoma (TC) is a rare primary renal tumor that has been recently described in the pathology literature. Formerly termed low-grade collecting duct carcinoma, further molecular analysis has shown TC to be a distinct entity that is separate from the more aggressive collecting duct carcinoma. Previous series have described the microscopic and(More)
The study investigated the expressed advice of parents, teachers, and Deaf community leaders regarding careers for deaf students in Sweden. The research was conducted: (a) in a country where consensus has been achieved on recognition and accommodation of the educational needs of deaf students; (b) in a city with a very high concentration of deaf(More)
BACKGROUND The endoscopic injection of dextranomer-hyaluronic acid has become a popular treatment for childhood vesicoureteral reflux. Treated children are predominantly girls, and many are now entering adulthood. It has been reported in children that the radiographic appearance of implants may lead to misdiagnoses and unnecessary, invasive diagnostic(More)
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