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There is currently a lack of evidence-based guidelines to guide the pharmacological treatment of neurobehavioral problems that commonly occur after traumatic brain injury (TBI). It was our objective to review the current literature on the pharmacological treatment of neurobehavioral problems after traumatic brain injury in three key areas: aggression,(More)
This clinical policy provides evidence-based recommendations on select issues in the management of adult patients with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the acute setting. It is the result of joint efforts between the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and was developed by a multidisciplinary(More)
The mechanical stabilizing effect of nine different orthotic devices on physiological and pathological plantar flexion/dorsal extension and horizontal rotation of the ankle joint subjected to artificial lateral ligament lesions was investigated in 20 cadaveric ankle joints under standardized conditions using an experimental apparatus. All of the braces(More)
In domestic and wild pigs motor nuclei of the M. semitendinosus were labelled by retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) from muscle to spinal cord. Further motoneurons in the lumbosacral cord were stained with Luxol-fast-blue and cresyl violet. Motoneurons innervating M. semitendinosus were present in the ventral horns of the last (6th) lumbal(More)
In an experimental study using osteo-ligamentous preparations of ankle joints we studied the ligamentous kinematics of isolated ligament fibers of different lateral and medial ankle ligaments. Results demonstrate a different kinematic pattern of the ligaments depending on the joint position. The anterior fibula-talar ligament shows an anisometric(More)
In a cadaveric biostatic model the pressure distribution at the weightbearing ankle has been investigated under different joint positions and stages of artificial lateral ligament dissection mimicking a supination trauma. The location of the transduced contact area, the size of these areas and amount of pressure were evaluated after application of axial(More)
  • Bert A Lewis, Margaret A Cartwright, John Feller, Melinda Findley, Tim Zadina, Hal Geiger +6 others
  • 2002
1 The Regional Information Report Series was established in 1987 to provide an information access system for all unpublished divisional reports. These reports frequently serve diverse ad hoc informational purposes or archive basic uninterpreted data. To accommodate timely reporting of recently collected information, reports in this series undergo only(More)
We analysed nine patients who had had a megaprosthesis implanted into the distal femur and knee joint for treatment of sarcomas. Data obtained from the leg operated on were compared with those from the contralateral side and healthy volunteers. Gait data, kinematics, ground reaction forces and the EMG from five muscles around the knee joint were analysed by(More)