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Immunohistochemical analysis of bone marrow trephine (BMT) biopsies with monoclonal antibodies for the analysis of hemopoietic disorders has been hindered by the fixation and decalcification regimens which mask or destroy tissue antigens. This study evaluated the effect of microwave oven treatment on the quality of immunostaining of fixed decalcified(More)
A video-microdensitometry method was used to quantify collagen on a pixel by pixel basis at specific locations within atherosclerotic lesions, induced by feeding New Zealand White rabbits a declining cholesterol diet. Probability mapping (done previously) showed the lesions occurred in predictable locations so the age of any one area of a lesion could be(More)
Clotting-based activated protein C (APC) assays have limitations when testing patients on oral anticoagulant (OA) therapy or with a lupus anticoagulant (LA). Predilution in factor V (FV)-deficient plasma and testing with phospholipid-rich Russell Viper venom (RVV)-based methods have been shown to be the most suitable methods when testing these patient(More)
The sulphydryl containing drug cysteamine protects gastric mucosa in vivo against acute injury. It is not known whether this protection includes a direct effect on gastric cells. Using gastric epithelial cell monolayers derived from a well differentiated human cell line, we evaluated whether cysteamine protects against taurocholate or indomethacin induced(More)
Solid-phase red-cell adherence (SPRCA) techniques in platelet serology are used mainly for crossmatching. A SPRCA method for general diagnostic application was evaluated in parallel with the platelet suspension immunofluorescence test (PIFT). Of 149 patient sera sent for investigation of thrombocytopaenia, 76 were negative and 59 positive when studied by(More)
Marfan's syndrome (MFS), a heritable connective tissue disorder, may result in cardiac valvular insufficiency, aortic aneurysm or dissection, dislocated lens, and musculoskeletal abnormalities. During a 20-month period (1994-96), an interdisciplinary health care team at a central Virginia medical center evaluated the histories of 112 persons from 15(More)
Although sufficient progenitor cells for hematopoietic rescue following high-dose therapy may be obtained in a single leukapheresis, the majority of patients require multiple procedures. In an attempt to minimize the number of leukapheresis and maximize collection efficiency, we undertook large-volume leukapheresis in 17 patients with a variety of(More)
The effect of cAMP on prostaglandin production may depend on cell types. To clarify the relationship between PG and cAMP, we examined arachidonate's effects on PG synthesis and intracellular cAMP accumulation in monolayers of rat gastric mucosal cells. These cells produced PGE2, PGI2 and thromboxaneA2 (TXA2) in amounts of 316 +/- 18, 100 +/- 7 and 30 +/- 5(More)
BACKGROUND As the genetic basis of many human diseases is being discovered, there is increasing need for the detection of single-nucleotide polymorphisms/mutations in medical laboratories. We describe an innovative approach that combines PCR amplification directly on whole blood and real-time detection PCR technology (WB-RTD PCR). METHODS We compared(More)