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We have demonstrated previously that human embryonic stem (hES) cells possess a characteristic morphologic, antigenic, and molecular profile that can be used to assess the state of ES cells (Carpenter et al., [2004] Dev Dyn 229:243-258). In this manuscript, we have examined the long-term stability of three hES cell lines in feeder-free culture. We(More)
Bloom syndrome (BS) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by a high incidence of cancer and genomic instability. BLM, the protein defective in BS, is a RecQ-like helicase, presumed to function in DNA replication, recombination, or repair. BLM localizes to promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML) nuclear bodies and is expressed during late S and G2.(More)
A home-based exercise programme has been found to be as useful as a hospital-based one in improving cardiovascular fitness after an acute myocardial infarction. To find out whether a comprehensive home-based programme would reduce psychological distress, 176 patients with an acute myocardial infarction were randomly allocated to a self-help rehabilitation(More)
In order to evaluate the effectiveness of a wash procedure using isopropanol followed by multiple extended phosphate buffer washes as compared with a methanol wash procedure previously reported, a contamination experiment was designed involving the soaking of human head hair in cocaine-contaminated aqueous solutions. Fourteen negative human head hair(More)
The human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) promoter is known to selectively drive transgene expression in many human cancer cells expressing hTERT, the catalytic component of the telomerase ribonucleoprotein complex. We have created a conditionally replicative adenovirus where the viral E1A gene, which is required for viral replication, is under the(More)
AIMS We sought to investigate the impact of body mass index (BMI) on long-term all-cause mortality in patients following first-time elective percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). METHODS AND RESULTS We used the Scottish Coronary Revascularisation Register to undertake a cohort study of all patients undergoing elective PCI in Scotland between April(More)
BACKGROUND Acute mountain sickness may be caused by cerebrovascular fluid leakage due to oxidative damage to the endothelium. This may be reduced by oral antioxidant supplementation. AIM To assess the effectiveness of antioxidant supplementation for the prevention of acute mountain sickness (AMS). DESIGN A parallel-group double blind, randomized(More)
A procedure for detection and quantification of urinary 6-acetylmorphine (6-AM), a metabolite of heroin, is described. After initial solvent extraction from urine, the 6-AM was purified either by acid-base liquid-liquid extraction or by solid-phase extraction techniques. The 6-AM was then derivatized to its propionyl ester, which was characterized by gas(More)
An analytical procedure for simultaneous determination of codeine and morphine in urine is described. The detection of codeine and morphine is based on liquid-liquid extraction and derivatization to the acetylated compounds. The acetylated codeine and morphine are separated by capillary gas chromatography and identified mass spectrometrically by selected(More)