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Permission to copy and display the Web Services Reliable Messaging Protocol Specification (the " Specification " , which includes WSDL and schema documents), in any medium without fee or royalty is hereby granted, provided that you include the following on ALL copies of the Specification that you make: 1. A link or URL to the Specification at one of the(More)
—This paper investigates the application of model-driven techniques to the construction and composition of services on sensor networks. We present a model that gives the user a visual representation of a service, that can be annotated with semantic information (for example performance characteristics, deployment constraints, policies and rules, etc.) using(More)
There is a significant challenge in designing, optimizing, deploying and managing complex sensor networks over heterogeneous communications infrastructures. The ITA Sensor Fabric addresses these challenges in the areas of sensor identification and discovery, sensor access and control, and sensor data consumability, by extending the message bus model(More)
Sensor networks face a number of challenges when deployed in unpredictable environments under dynamic, quickly changeable demands, and when shared by many partners, which is often the case in military and security applications. To partially address these challenges, we present a novel target tracking algorithm that can be deployed on various sensor nodes(More)
Our previous work has explored the application of enterprise middleware techniques at the edge of the network to address the challenges of delivering complex sensor network solutions over heterogeneous communications infrastructures. In this paper, we develop this approach further into a practicable, semantically rich, model-based design and analysis(More)
– In modern military operations the emphasis is on smaller teams and more ad hoc teamwork. This requires greater agility both in terms of capturing actionable intelligence as well as appropriate dissemination and fusion of that information to coalition team members based on their tasks and need to know. In previous research and development we have explored(More)
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