John Huang

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Autism is a wide spectrum developmental disorder. Its prevalence has increased enormously. Each autistic child has different needs and requires individual therapy. Information technology can help these children and their families by augmenting therapy and providing communication tools. We are developing a digital library that provides such a communication(More)
Treatment rationales for 2 widely used and empirically supported interventions, cognitive therapy (CT) and time-limited dynamic psychotherapy (TLDP), were examined for their perceived credibility among 136 Asian American college students. This study conducted a comprehensive analysis of culturally based variables (often assumed to underlie ethnicity) and(More)
Autism spectrum disorder has become one of the most prevalent developmental disorders. A difficulty with communication is one of the main impairments. We are developing a digital library of images that will be used to help children with autism communicate without the need for reading or writing skills. Images will be displayed on Pocket PCs to convey(More)
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