John Howard Miller

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The field's leading the overwhelming majority of difference princeton. Engagingly written and easy to them define system is defined. You will be ignorant of adaptive, systems are essentially an inescapable feature. We must complement the agent based systems. The language of species are needed because multiple interacting agents in evolution complex(More)
The organization of information processing resources is a central question in economic, organizational, and computational theory. Recent work by Radner (1992) and others has developed a simple theoretical framework and some useful formal mathematical results about the behavior of such systems. Here, we follow a complementary computational approach that(More)
The standard treatment for most advanced cancers is multidrug therapy. Unfortunately, combinations in the clinic often do not perform as predicted. Therefore, to complement identifying rational drug combinations based on biological assumptions, we hypothesized that a functional screen of drug combinations, without limits on combination sizes, will aid the(More)
How do social systems make decisions with no single individual in control? We observe that a variety of natural systems, including colonies of ants and bees and perhaps even neurons in the human brain, make decentralized decisions using common processes involving information search with positive feedback and consensus choice through quorum sensing. We model(More)
This document is an annotated (by the last author) version of the original paper of the same title. It describes a set of coding standards and recommendations which are local standards for officially-supported UNIX programs. The scope is coding style, not functional organization.
This document describes a set of coding standards and recommendations that are local standards for programs written in C for the SunOS product. The purpose of these standards is to facilitate sharing of each other's code, as well as to enable construction of tools (e.g., editors, formatters) that, by incorporating knowledge of these standards, can help the(More)
This course is about modeling complex adaptive systems with an emphasis on agent-based modeling. The course will consist of two parts. First, we will read about complex adaptive systems and the tools used to model those systems, focusing in particular, on agent-based modeling. Agent-based models consist of a number of diverse agents, the behaviors of which(More)
This is a short note describing the software I wrote for my dissertation research. The software is partitioned into two layers, the infrastructure layer and the modeling layer. Ongoing efforts will focus on (a) rendering obsolete as much of the infrastructure layer as possible, either by replacing generic functionality with code provided by tools maintained(More)
contributed some of the drugs used in the experiments. Abstract Combinations of drugs can result in effective treatments for certain diseases like HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, our ability to discover such combinations is quite limited, as drugs often interact in highly nonlinear ways and thus it is difficult to predict a priori which cocktails are likely to be(More)