John Hornibrook

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A. Balmin T. Eliaz J. Hornibrook L. Lim G. M. Lohman D. Simmen M. Wang C. Zhang DB2 XML is a hybrid database system that combines the relational capabilities of DB2 Universal Databasee (UDB) with comprehensive native XML support. DB2 XML augments DB2t UDB with a native XML store, XML indexes, and query processing capabilities for both XQuery and SQL/XML(More)
The wavefronts associated with a one-dimensional combustion model with Arrhenius kinetics and no heat loss are analyzed within the high Lewis number perturbative limit. This situation, in which fuel diffusivity is small in comparison to that of heat, is appropriate for highly dense fluids. A formula for the wavespeed is established by a non-standard(More)
We report the dispersive charge-state readout of a double quantum dot in the few-electron regime using the in situ gate electrodes as sensitive detectors. We benchmark this gate sensing technique against the well established quantum point contact charge detector and find comparable performance with a bandwidth of ∼ 10 MHz and an equivalent charge(More)
We describe the operation of a cryogenic instrumentation platform incorporating commercially available field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The functionality of the FPGAs at temperatures approaching 4 K enables signal routing, multiplexing, and complex digital signal processing in close proximity to cooled devices or detectors within the cryostat. The(More)
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