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Oxygen cost (VO2) and heart rate (HR) were determined during treadmill walking in simulated subgravity environments. The long axis of the subject's body was suspended parallel to the floor in a slow rotation room with feet aligned on the surface of a treadmill mounted 90 degrees on the wall. Without rotation, the subjects were virtually weightless against(More)
The present study was undertaken to improve previous testing procedures, involving the use of a slow rotation room, for assessing the efficacy of antimotion sickness drugs which had validity for groups of subjects but not for each individual in the group. Three major changes were introduced: first, the use of an incremental increase in the intensity of the(More)
Electrolyte disturbances are frequent after brain injuries, especially dysnatremia and dyskalemia. In neurological patients, usual clinical signs of hyponatremia are frequently confounded with clinical signs of the underlying disease. Natremia absolute value is less important than speed of onset of the trouble. Most often, hyponatremia is associated with(More)
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