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enormous effort has been devoted to elucidate the nature of these diseases: what is wrong, what is the cause, why are some afflicted while others are not.... ? As the title indicates, Functional Recovery in Neurological Disease takes a slightly different approach and asks: given a damaged nervous system, how does the rest of the system cope with this(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe birth weight and postnatal weight gain in a contemporaneous population of babies born <32 weeks' gestation, using routinely captured electronic clinical data. DESIGN Anonymised longitudinal weight data from 2006 to 2011. SETTING National Health Service neonatal units in England. METHODS Birth weight centiles were constructed(More)
The RLE Nano-materials and Electronics Group pursues investigations of carbon nanotubes, including studies of chemical vapor deposition methods, electron transport in single-walled carbon nanotubes, nanotube synthesis, and tunable Raman systems for characterizing the chirality of nanotube materials. A major objective of the group is to develop synthesis and(More)
The frequencies of naturally occurring protease inhibitor resistance mutations in HIV proviral sequences of drug naïve sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya and their correlation with host immune response driven positively selected mutations in HIV-1
Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 69% of the people living with HIV globally. An estimated 1,600,000 Kenyans are living with HIV-1. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has saved 9 million life-years in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, drug resistance mutations reduce the effectiveness of ART, and need to be monitored for effective ART. Naturally occurring primary(More)
factors produced by human small cell lung cancer cell lines; these factors include the bombesin-like gastrin-releasing peptide. They also discuss the development of antibod-ies to these growth factors, leading to clinical trials with antipeptide hormone antibodies in humans. The second half of the volume is concerned with clinical advances and issues in(More)
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