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In this work we present a low cost and scalable technique, via ambient pressure chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on polycrystalline Ni films, to fabricate large area ( approximately cm2) films of single- to few-layer graphene and to transfer the films to nonspecific substrates. These films consist of regions of 1 to approximately 12 graphene layers. Single-(More)
  • John Ho
  • 1988
enormous effort has been devoted to elucidate the nature of these diseases: what is wrong, what is the cause, why are some afflicted while others are not.... ? As the title indicates, Functional Recovery in Neurological Disease takes a slightly different approach and asks: given a damaged nervous system, how does the rest of the system cope with this(More)
The RLE Nano-materials and Electronics Group pursues investigations of carbon nanotubes, including studies of chemical vapor deposition methods, electron transport in single-walled carbon nanotubes, nanotube synthesis, and tunable Raman systems for characterizing the chirality of nanotube materials. A major objective of the group is to develop synthesis and(More)
  • John Ho
  • 1989
All emergency physicians are confronted with common environment-related emergencies including heat and cold injuries, animal and insect bites, ingestion of or contact with toxic plant materials, and the like. Few of us, however, are called upon to deal with wilderness trauma emergencies such as wild animal attacks, search and rescue missions, natural(More)
We consider a system of particles moving independently on a countable state space, according to a general (non-space-homogeneous) Markov process. Under mild conditions, the number of particles at each site will converge to a product of independent Poisson distributions; this corresponds to settling to an ideal gas. We derive bounds on the rate of this(More)
Very little data exists regarding the long-term aging performance of space-rated oscillators in the non-operating mode. This paper provides empirical evidence that may be used to estimate the performance of unpowered oscillators for long-term space missions, as well as an aid in validating the worst-case analyses that are routinely performed on these(More)
The frequencies of naturally occurring protease inhibitor resistance mutations in HIV proviral sequences of drug naïve sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya and their correlation with host immune response driven positively selected mutations in HIV-1
  • John Ho
  • 1988
chairmen of the Departments of Otolaryngology at Ohio State and Oregon, respectively. With the addition of these new authors, the organization and scope of this text have changed considerably. The current edition contains 54 chapters and 10 sections. Eight of the sections are organized by anatomic site, with additional sections containing chapters on issues(More)
Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 69% of the people living with HIV globally. An estimated 1,600,000 Kenyans are living with HIV-1. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has saved 9 million life-years in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, drug resistance mutations reduce the effectiveness of ART, and need to be monitored for effective ART. Naturally occurring primary(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a software tool that can be reused for an empirical validation experiment of several commonly used software metrics in object-oriented environments. A detailed description of the steps of the potential validation experiment is provided. An overview of the software metrics considered and the required(More)