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OBJECTIVE Cervical epidural spinal infection, which includes diskitis, osteomyelitis, and/or epidural space infection, is an uncommon disease, and the MR imaging features have not been fully described. Accordingly, the objective of this study was to determine the MR imaging findings in a large series of patients with this condition, with emphasis on(More)
PURPOSE Investigation of a technique for nonsurgical female sterilization. MATERIALS AND METHODS A custom designed platinum microcoil with Dacron fibers was placed unilaterally into a fallopian tube and uterine horn of 10 rabbits after transcervical selective tubal catheterization with use of fluoroscopic guidance. The contralateral uterus and fallopian(More)
PURPOSE This study reports the authors' experience with long-term follow-up of 100 consecutive peripherally inserted, subcutaneous arm ports for central venous access. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred patients with subcutaneous arm ports inserted by interventional radiologists were retrospectively studied. Data were collected from the patients' medical(More)
Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders necessitate the need for accurate and reliable objective voice measurements. There are many instruments commonly used to analyze voice data. Many, if not most, of these instruments have not been adequately tested for reliability or consistency. This study evaluates the intrasubject(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether a high protein meal has a different effect on short-term satiety in preschool children than a high carbohydrate meal by measuring their intake of a subsequent meal. Subjects were 35 normal preschool children of both genders aged 5 to 6 years. All children were healthy and randomly chosen from those who were(More)