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Plasma anticardiolipin antibody (ACA) was measured in 83 patients having coronary artery bypass graft surgery and results were correlated with the incidence of early (1-2 weeks) and late (12 months) graft occlusion, as judged by angiography. There was an association between preoperative ACA level and the incidence of late graft occlusion in relation to both(More)
Cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism were investigated in a group of rats fed a fish oil-supplemented diet, a rich source of n-3 fatty acids. For comparison purposes, other groups of rats were fed either safflower oil (n-6 fatty acids) or coconut oil (saturated fatty acids). Diets were isocaloric and contained identical amounts of cholesterol. Rats fed(More)
Previous direct measurements of left ventricular systolic wall thickening (SWT) in animal studies have yielded values approximately one-half those found echocardiographically in humans, suggesting a possible overestimation of SWT by echocardiographic techniques. To test the validity of echocardiographic SWT measurements, the relationship between(More)
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