John Henshaw

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Corporations face mounting maintenance and re-engineering costs for large legacy systems. Evolving over several years, these systems embody substantial corporate knowledge, including requirements, design decisions, and business rules. Such knowledge is di cult to recover after many years of operation, evolution, and personnel change. To address this(More)
This paper reviews the progress-to-date of the application of program reverse engineering technologies to a large-scale legacy software product. Basic reverse engineering concepts and a project overview are outlined, followed by a description of the legacy software product, the reverse engineering toolkit used, and analysis and discussion of the experiences(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether transdermal (TD) opioids reduce healthcare contacts when compared with oral opioids in a rural population with chronic noncancer pain (CNCP). DESIGN An observational longitudinal study to measure the changes in self-reported healthcare use by the route of opioid administration over time (monthly for 1 year). Subjects were(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether there are differences in the personal socioeconomic costs of healthcare access between transdermal (TD) and oral opioid use in a rural population with chronic noncancer pain (CNCP). DESIGN An observational longitudinal study, measuring change in the self-reported personal time and expense of healthcare access by route of(More)
An account of a benchmark test to evaluate the performance of a relational database management system, INGRES, in the context of a library circulation system. The results suggest that, within a couple of years, relational database systems running on microcomputers within distributed environments will be performanceand cost-effective in supporting(More)
In distributed computing systems, an important design factor is the assignment of data to the collection of distributed resources. This paper is concerned with the initial -igrtment of portions of a distributed directory to locally managed subdirectories. Thii problem is studied within the context of the X.500 Directory standard, a CCITT/ISO series of(More)