John Henshaw

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Corporations face mounting maintenance and re-engineering costs for large legacy systems. Evolving over several years, these systems embody substantial corporate knowledge, including requirements, design decisions , and business rules. Such knowledge is diicult to recover after many years of operation, evolution, and personnel change. To address this(More)
The last national forest created under the authority of the Weeks Act was the Finger Lakes National Forest in 1983. Conservationists in Hawai'i hope to mark the centennial of the Weeks Act by creating a new national forest from a combination of private and public land. or the Hawaiian forest, 1903 was a watershed year. After more than a century of massive(More)
PURPOSE The aim of the study reported here was to determine the frequency of prescribing of immediate-release (IR) opioids, and benzodiazepines, with both oral sustained-release (SR) and transdermal (TD) opioid maintenance treatment, in a rural population with chronic noncancer pain (CNCP). SUBJECTS AND METHODS A longitudinal study measuring IR opioid and(More)
In distributed computing systems, an important design factor is the assignment of data to the collection of distributed resources. This paper is concerned with the initial-igrt-ment of portions of a distributed directory to locally managed subdirectories. Thii problem is studied within the context of the X.500 Directory standard, a CCITT/ISO series of(More)
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