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Recent theoretical studies have shown that spatial redistribution of surface water may explain the occurrence of patterns of alternating vegetated and degraded patches in semiarid grasslands. These results implied, however, that spatial redistribution processes cannot explain the collapse of production on coarser scales observed in these systems. We present(More)
BACKGROUND The issue of when to start treatment in Parkinson's disease (PD) remains controversial. Some favour treatment at diagnosis while others opt for a "wait and watch" policy. The effect of the latter policy on the self reported health status of people with PD is unknown. AIMS To record self reported health status through longitudinal use of a(More)
Hyperspectral remote sensing serves as an effective tool for estimating foliar nitrogen using a variety of techniques. Vegetation indices (VIs) are a simple means of retrieving foliar nitrogen. Despite their popularity, few studies have been conducted to examine the utility of VIs for mapping canopy foliar nitrogen in a mixed forest context. In this study,(More)
Stroke is one of the three most common causes of death and the sixth most common cause of disability worldwide. Building effective and efficient stroke care systems is critical for improving patient outcomes in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of stroke. A systems approach is necessary to improve the way stroke is treated so that patients have(More)
A post-hoc individual patient matching procedure was recently proposed within the context of parallel group randomized clinical trials (RCTs) as a method for estimating treatment effect. In this paper, we consider a post-hoc individual patient matching problem within a parallel group RCT as a multi-objective decision-making problem focussing on the(More)
Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) has caused high yield losses in KwaZulu-Natal sugarcane. Early cutting is one of a number of methods being used to reduce losses due to E. saccharina infestations. A cohort based age-structured mathematical model was developed to enable sugarcane growers to simulate the effect of various seasonal conditions(More)
AIMS To develop an assay for rapid screening of bacterial adhesion to various groups of biomolecules present in fish mucus. METHODS AND RESULTS A novel assay was developed for investigation of bacterial adhesion to various groups of mucus biomolecules from fish. Lipid-, protein-, carbohydrate- and nucleic acid-rich constituents of mucus were separated(More)