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Standard setting raises a variety of antitrust issues. Cooperative standard setting often involves horizontal competitors agreeing on certain specifications of the products they plan to market, implicating core antitrust issues regarding the boundary between cooperation and collusion. The American Bar Association's Handbook on the Antitrust Aspects of(More)
New data imply that the average velocity of radio pulsars is large 1]. Under the assumption that these data imply that a pulsar is born with an \intrinsic" kick, we investigate whether such kicks can be a consequence of asymmetrical stellar collapse and explosion. We calculate the gravitational wave (GW) signature of such asymmetries due to anisotropic(More)
Although flash storage has largely replaced hard disks in consumer class devices, enterprise workloads pose unique challenges that have slowed adoption of flash in ``performance tier'' storage appliances. In this paper, we describe Purity, the foundation of Pure Storage's Flash Arrays, the first all-flash enterprise storage system to support compression,(More)
This paper will present a project in progress on the use of computer graphics to enhance the communication of an emerging Urban Design concept -- Transit Oriented Sustainable Urban Design (TOSUD). Two detailed virtual environments have been created relating to hypothetical TOSUD developments within an Australian and Chinese context. The process of(More)
in astrophysics necessarily involves the development of models and simulation technology to help us understand the complex phenomena underlying astrophysical events. As with any mod-eling approach, numerical models and simulation codes developed for astrophysical applications must be thoroughly verified and validated to demonstrate their accuracy and assess(More)
Recording processes and events that occur on sub-nanosecond timescales poses a difficult challenge. Conventional ultrafast imaging techniques often rely on long data collection times, which can be due to limited device sensitivity and/or the requirement of scanning the detection system to form an image. In this work, we use a single-photon avalanche(More)