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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to establish the feasibility of long-term gentamicin dosing to achieve stop codon readthrough and produce full-length dystrophin. Mutation suppression of stop codons, successfully achieved in the mdx mouse using gentamicin, represents an important evolving treatment strategy in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). (More)
Standard setting raises a variety of antitrust issues. Cooperative standard setting often involves horizontal competitors agreeing on certain specifications of the products they plan to market, implicating core antitrust issues regarding the boundary between cooperation and collusion. The American Bar Association's Handbook on the Antitrust Aspects of(More)
Collaborative coping (i.e., spouses pooling resources and problem solving jointly) may be associated with better daily mood because of heightened perceptions of efficacy in coping with stressful events. The study examined the daily processes of collaborative coping (individuals' perceptions that the spouse collaborated), perceived coping effectiveness(More)
Apoptosis is an essential process during normal neuronal development. Approximately one-half of the neurons produced during neurogenesis die before completion of CNS maturation. To characterize the role of the inhibitor of apoptosis gene, survivin, during neurogenesis, we used the Cre-loxP-system to generate mice lacking survivin in neuronal precursor(More)
Advances in protective armor technology and changes in the "patterns of war" have created a population of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) that provide a unique challenge to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare practitioners. The purpose of the study was to determine the(More)
OBJECTIVE As research on sleep difficulties associated with Early-Onset Bipolar Spectrum Disorders (EBSD) is limited, a web-based survey was developed to further explore these problems. METHODS 494 parents of 4-to-12 year-olds, identified by parents as being diagnosed with EBSD, completed a web survey about past and current EBSD-related sleep problems.(More)
New data imply that the average velocity of radio pulsars is large 1]. Under the assumption that these data imply that a pulsar is born with an \intrinsic" kick, we investigate whether such kicks can be a consequence of asymmetrical stellar collapse and explosion. We calculate the gravitational wave (GW) signature of such asymmetries due to anisotropic(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Few studies have addressed the rehabilitation of hand function in persons with severe impairment following stroke, and few therapeutic options are available for treatment. We investigated whether an intervention of robot-assisted movement and muscle vibration could reduce impairment and enable hand-opening to a greater extent when(More)