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Immunohistochemistry remains the current ancillary method of choice in the pathologic evaluation of small blue round-cell tumors. In at least 20% of cases of rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), it is considered an essential factor in the final and/or differential diagnosis of the malignancy. Newer immunostains (antimyogenin, MyoD1) generated against intranuclear(More)
Collaborative coping (i.e., spouses pooling resources and problem solving jointly) may be associated with better daily mood because of heightened perceptions of efficacy in coping with stressful events. The study examined the daily processes of collaborative coping (individuals' perceptions that the spouse collaborated), perceived coping effectiveness(More)
OBJECTIVES We conducted a 3-year cohort study of 407 youths aged 9 to 18 years to develop multivariable risk prediction models of agriculture-related injuries. METHODS Data were obtained via participant event monitoring, with youths self-reporting injuries and exposures in daily diaries over a 13-week period. We evaluated data quality by comparing injury(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess levels of satisfaction among rural cancer patients being seen for clinic visits by their remote university-based oncologist, using interactive videoconferencing (IAVC). METHODS A 12-item survey instrument assessing satisfaction with the patient-physician clinical interaction was administered to 39 cancer patients who were seen using(More)
The resuscitation room in a community hospital was linked with a main hospital accident and emergency department using telemedicine equipment working at 384 kbit/s. Fifteen simulated casualties replicated the 'moulage' scenarios in the Advanced Trauma Life Support Course Manual of the American College of Surgeons. Each of the 15 scenarios was broken down(More)