John Hayes

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Although flash storage has largely replaced hard disks in consumer class devices, enterprise workloads pose unique challenges that have slowed adoption of flash in ``performance tier'' storage appliances. In this paper, we describe Purity, the foundation of Pure Storage's Flash Arrays, the first all-flash enterprise storage system to support compression,(More)
In this paper we review drift-feeding models for stream salmonids. We assess their historical development and current state, and we propose areas for future research. Drift-feeding models serve as the critical input for energetics-based habitat selection and habitat quality models, which have recently begun to see widespread use for predicting salmonid(More)
This paper will present a project in progress on the use of computer graphics to enhance the communication of an emerging Urban Design concept -- Transit Oriented Sustainable Urban Design (TOSUD). Two detailed virtual environments have been created relating to hypothetical TOSUD developments within an Australian and Chinese context. The process of(More)
Land use change results in soil migration into aquatic streams during storm events. This suspended sediment, even in the absence of adsorbed contaminants, may be a significant stressor to aquatic organisms. In some parts of the US, total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations surpass 100,000 mg/L during storm events. The limited data on effects of suspended(More)
" Imagine a fish feeding in swift water. " With this statement in their landmark foraging model paper, Nicholas Hughes asked the reader to visualize how a drift-foraging fish captures its prey (Hughes and Dill 1990). It is a simple, elegant statement, but it captures the essence of stream fish ecology. A stream is defined, after all, as flowing water. Its(More)
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