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In 1969 , John McCarthy , the mathematician who coined the term " Artificial Intelligence , " joined forces with another AI researcher , Patrick Hayes , and coined another term, " the frame problem. " It seemed to be a devil of a problem , perhaps even a mortal blow to the hopes of AI. It looked to me like a new philosophical or epistemological problem ,(More)
On Being as a whole and Being-a-whole Many—probably most—interpreters react to the fact that Being and Time is merely a 'torso' by setting aside 'the Question of Being'. Instead they set about 1 stripping the body for what might yet prove to be assets in the context of some project or other of their own. In contrast, John Haugeland boldly insisted that(More)
The original edition of What Computers Can't Do comprised three roughly equal parts: (i) a harsh critical survey of the history and state of the art in AI, circa 1970; (ii) a brilliant philosophical expose' of four hidden assumptions shoring up AI's misplaced optimism; and (iii) a much more tentative exploration of ways to think #about intelligence without(More)
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