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In 1969 , John McCarthy , the mathematician who coined the term " Artificial Intelligence , " joined forces with another AI researcher , Patrick Hayes , and coined another term, " the frame problem. " It seemed to be a devil of a problem , perhaps even a mortal blow to the hopes of AI. It looked to me like a new philosophical or epistemological problem ,(More)
According to the hypothesis of extended cognition (HEC, hereafter), human cognitive processing extends beyond the boundary of the human organism. 2 philosophy of cognitive science; HEC is supposed to reveal something important about human beings' core cognitive faculties and, in doing so, reshape the study of human cognition. Although many authors have(More)
The most fundamental contribution so far of artificial intelligence and computer science to the joint enterprise of cognitive science has been the notion of a physical symbol system, i.e.,. . .systems capable of having and manipulating symbols, yet realizable in the physical universe. It becomes a hypothesis that this notion of symbols includes symbols that(More)
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