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Evidence from a large-scale study of 11-year olds in Britain suggests that ambidextrous individuals may be disadvantaged in tests of verbal, nonverbal, reading, and mathematical skills relative to right- and left-handers, but this basic finding was not replicated in another study of younger boys in Germany. Here, we present data based on a television show(More)
BACKGROUND Research into teacher expectations has shown that these have an effect on student achievement. Some researchers have explored the impact of various student characteristics on teachers' expectations. One attribute of interest is ethnicity. AIMS This study aimed to explore differences in teachers' expectations and judgments of student reading(More)
The purpose of this research was to investigate the extent to which self-efficacy acts as a mediating variable between the learning environment and achievement. Seven year 5 classes (N = 179 students aged 9 to 10 years) were allocated randomly to cooperative, competitive or individualistic environments for twice-weekly social studies lessons, changing(More)
I welcome the opportunity to speak to my colleagues and friends on the research I wish to undertake during my next years here at the University of Auckland. This is my third Inaugural lecture since I became a Professor 15 years ago, hence I have learnt to take this opportunity seriously and cast a vision, as there are so few opportunities to talk to(More)
This paper outlines the journey we have taken to research the relationship between research and teaching, and leads to recommendations for policy based on the findings. During this journey, we have had five major ventures seeking some directions for building models explaining the relationship between research and teaching. But let us start with two issues:(More)
CONTEXT Residents in all disciplines serve as clinical teachers for medical students. Since the 1970s, there has been increasing evidence to demonstrate that residents wish to teach and that they respond positively to formal teacher training. Effective resident-as-teacher (RaT) programmes have resulted in improved resident teaching skills. Current evidence,(More)
This research reports the findings of two studies conducted to measure and then investigate differences between delinquent, nondelinquent, and at-risk youths' orientations towards reputation enhancement. In the first study, concerning item selection and scale development, the factor structure and content validity of a potential Reputation Enhancement Scale(More)