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Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement , but this impact can be either positive or negative. Its power is frequently mentioned in articles about learning and teaching, but surprisingly few recent studies have systematically investigated its meaning. This article provides a conceptual analysis offeedback and reviews the(More)
Meta-analyses by rank order purple = high d = ≥ .6 (as identified by the author) green = medium d = .4 yellow = low d = .2 red = negative d = < .2 Rank Effect size Domain Influence Additional information 1 1.44 student Self-report grades Students have reasonably accurate understandings of their levels of achievement, typically formed from past experiences(More)
The main ideas of the book are: ~ The big idea is – know thy impact! Expert teachers are not wedded to specific teaching strategies – rather, they regularly focus on evaluating the effects they have on students, and adjust teaching methods accordingly. ~ When teaching and learning are " visible " – that is, when it is clear what teachers are teaching and(More)
Evidence from a large-scale study of 11-year olds in Britain suggests that ambidextrous individuals may be disadvantaged in tests of verbal, nonverbal, reading, and mathematical skills relative to right- and left-handers, but this basic finding was not replicated in another study of younger boys in Germany. Here, we present data based on a television show(More)
I welcome the opportunity to speak to my colleagues and friends on the research I wish to undertake during my next years here at the University of Auckland. This is my third Inaugural lecture since I became a Professor 15 years ago, hence I have learnt to take this opportunity seriously and cast a vision, as there are so few opportunities to talk to(More)
This study used a novel multidimensional locus of control instrument (I-SEE) to investigate the relationship between locus of control, motivation, and academic achievement in three different types of school. The strengths of the I-SEE are that it incorporates the construct of self-efficacy and that it is embedded in a model of personality and action based(More)
BACKGROUND Free school breakfast programmes (SBPs) exist in a number of high-income countries, but their effects on educational outcomes have rarely been evaluated in randomised controlled trials. METHODS A 1-year stepped-wedge, cluster randomised controlled trial was undertaken in 14 New Zealand schools in low socioeconomic resource areas. Participants(More)
BACKGROUND Research into teacher expectations has shown that these have an effect on student achievement. Some researchers have explored the impact of various student characteristics on teachers' expectations. One attribute of interest is ethnicity. AIMS This study aimed to explore differences in teachers' expectations and judgments of student reading(More)