John Hart

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We present a new model of configuration management based upon a hierarchy of simple communicating autonomous agents. Each of these agents is responsible for a ''closure'': a domain of ''semantic predictability'' in which declarative commands to the agent have a simple, persistent, portable, and documented effect upon subsequent observable behavior. Closures(More)
Negotiation skills are essential in everyday life, whether in a professional or personal context. Negotiation enables two parties to address misunderstandings and avoid conflicts through an exchange that depends as much on the interpersonal skills of the negotiators as the tactics employed. Acquiring these skills requires not only sound conceptual knowledge(More)
Dynamic surfaces arise in many applications, such as free surfaces in multiphase flows and moving interfaces in fluid-solid interactions. In many applications , an explicit surface triangulation is used to track the dynamic surfaces, posing significant challenges in adapting their meshes, especially if large curvatures and sharp features may dynamically(More)
Clip art is a simplified illustration form consisting of layered filled polygons or closed curves used to convey 3D shape information in a 2D vector graphics format. This paper focuses on the problem of direct conversion of smooth surfaces, ranging from the free-form shapes of art and design to the mathematical structures of geometry and topology, into a(More)
— Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp produced by the firing of neurons within the brain. These activities can be decoded by signal processing techniques, however, they are typically influenced by extraneous interference, like muscle movements, eye blinks, eye movements, background noise, etc. Therefore, a(More)
Geometry images resample meshes to represent them as texture for efficient GPU processing by forcing a regular parameterization that often incurs a large amount of distortion. Previous approaches broke the geometry image into multiple rectangular or irregular charts to reduce distortion, but complicated the automatic level of detail one gets from MIP-maps(More)
Experiments that analyze dependencies in RedHat Linux and show disturbing conflicts and overlaps between software packages that result in installing multiple differing versions of dynamic libraries. The final state of a system containing conflicting packages depends upon the order in which packages are installed, as well as user input during the(More)
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