John Harmon

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The configurational properties associated with the transition from anelasticity to plasticity in a transiently deforming metallic glass-forming liquid are studied. The data reveal that the underlying transition kinetics for flow can be separated into reversible and irreversible configurational hopping across the liquid energy landscape, identified with beta(More)
By identifying the key characteristic "structural scales" that dictate the resistance of a porous metallic glass against buckling and fracture, stochastic highly porous metallic-glass structures are designed capable of yielding plastically and inheriting the high plastic yield strength of the amorphous metal. The strengths attainable by the present foams(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I sincerely thank Bill Johnson for allowing me to pursue my Ph.D. under his extraordinary leadership. I am grateful to the professors of the Materials Science department for seeing potential in my application. It was a dream come true when Dr. Fultz called me to inform me of acceptance into the program. He was also kind enough to warn me(More)
Heart rate and skin conductance were monitored continuously while subjects heard and responded to seven riddles and seven problems which were structurally similar. Hypotheses based on cognitive problem-solving models of humor were tested by comparing changes occurring during problem solving with those that occurred during "riddle solving". While heart rate(More)
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