John Hardin

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The study described in this paper was undertaken to develop the ability to predict the response of sickle-cell patients to hydroxyurea (HU) therapy. We analyzed the effect of HU on the values of 23 parameters of 83 patients. A Student's t-test was used to confirm (Rodgers GP, Dover GJ, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN, Nienhuis AW. Hematologic responses of patients(More)
B cells activated by antigen in T cell-dependent immune responses can become short-lived plasma cells, which remain in the spleen, or germinal center-derived memory or plasma cells, which show evidence of affinity maturation and, in the case of plasma cells, migrate to the bone marrow. We show that this cell fate decision can be governed by the cytokine(More)
The key to the effectiveness of any CAD system is the effectiveness of its human interface. Designers need an interface that is easily mastered, consistent across the variety of tools within the system, and adaptable. In an effort to provide this type of interface, the authors and others within the MCC CAD Program have built a software platform that(More)
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