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The effects of dexamethasone on the growth of four human multiple myeloma cell lines were studied. In addition, the effects on the expression of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and IL-6 receptor (IL-6R) genes were investigated by the use of reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction. Dexamethasone (Dex) concentrations of 10(-7) to 10(-6) mol/L inhibited IL-6 gene(More)
The study described in this paper was undertaken to develop the ability to predict the response of sickle-cell patients to hydroxyurea (HU) therapy. We analyzed the effect of HU on the values of 23 parameters of 83 patients. A Student's t-test was used to confirm (Rodgers GP, Dover GJ, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN, Nienhuis AW. Hematologic responses of patients(More)
Gene therapy has many potential applications in central nervous system (CNS) disorders, including the selective killing of tumor cells in the brain. A rat brain tumor model was used to test the herpes simplex virus (HSV)-thymidine kinase (TK) gene for its ability to selectively kill C6 and 9L tumor cells in the brain following systemic administration of the(More)
as The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, is a leading independent, nonpartisan organization committed to influencing the discourse on global issues through contributions to opinion and policy formation, leadership dialogue, and public learning. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is a leading independent, nonpartisan organization committed to(More)
Right hemisphere functional cerebral systems have reliably been associated with sympathetic nervous system arousal and the perception of negative affective events. The goal of the current research was to provide additional support for the capacity model of hostility by examining changes attributable to functional cerebral systems within the right hemisphere(More)
How to configure a Linux firewall to masquerade IPsec− and PPTP−based Virtual Private Network traffic, allowing you to establish a VPN connection without losing the security and flexibility of your Linux firewall's internet connection and allowing you to make available a VPN server that does not have a registered internet IP address. Brief information on(More)
The key to the effectiveness of any CAD system is the effectiveness of its human interface. Designers need an interface that is easily mastered, consistent across the variety of tools within the system, and adaptable. In an effort to provide this type of interface, the authors and others within the MCC CAD Program have built a software platform that(More)
Interest on the Series 2010A Bonds (as hereinafter defined) is not excludable from gross income for federal income tax purposes. In the opinion of Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Indianapolis, Indiana, Bond Counsel, under existing law, interest on the Series 2010A Bonds is exempt from income taxation in the State of Indiana for all purposes, except the State(More)
  • Michael J Birck, Gary Lehman, +16 authors Purdue University Calumet
  • 2010
In the opinion of Ice Miller LLP, Bond Counsel, conditioned on continuing compliance with the Tax Covenants (as hereafter defined) under existing laws, judicial decisions, regulations and rulings, the interest on the Series Z-1 Bonds is excludable from gross income for purposes of federal income tax pursuant to Section 103 of the Internal Revenue Code of(More)
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