John Harcup

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A new class of epoxy nanocomposites with completely defined organic/inorganic phases was prepared by reacting octakis(glycidyldimethylsiloxy)octasilsesquioxane [(glydicylMe(2)SiOSiO(1.5))(8)] (OG) with diaminodiphenylmethane (DDM) at various compositional ratios. The effects of reaction curing conditions on nanostructural organization and mechanical(More)
We investigated whether chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients have physical and/or cardiovascular de-conditioning, in 273 CFS patients and 72 healthy controls. We used laboratory tests to assess haematological, biochemical, endocrinological and immunological systems. The cardiovascular system was assessed by echocardiography and carotid echography. Body(More)
Threadworms are common parasites. They live in the intestine and migrate to the anus, sometimes causing an itchy bottom. Children are often affected, especially the under 10s. Threadworms are not a serious health hazard and parents can be reassured that neither the worms nor the treatment are likely to lead to any harm. The whole household should be treated(More)
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