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The main aim was to investigate if acutely stressed subjects have abnormal heart rate variability responses to acute pain. Efferent cardiac autonomic activity was assessed by analyzing RR interval variation in 26 male volunteers. Heart rate variability was measured as mean and standard deviation of normal RR intervals (mean RR, SDNN) and by power spectral(More)
BACKGROUND Catheter-directed thrombolysis that removes the thrombus and restores patency of the veins appears to be a safe and effective management of acute deep venous thrombosis (DVT). It has been shown to reduce long-term postthrombotic morbidity and improve the quality of life. Pregnancy and the postpartum period are generally considered as(More)
The aim of the current study was to study the low-frequency power distribution of diastolic heart sounds in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). Heart sound recordings were made from the 4th intercostal space in 132 patients referred for elective coronary angiography. CAD patients were defined as subjects with at least one stenosis with a diameter(More)
The aim of the present study is to describe the design of an acquisition system for the specific purpose of recording heart murmurs originating from stenosis in the coronary arteries. The design and development of such a system require knowledge in many disciplines: acoustic couplers, microphones, skin adhesives, electronic hardware, software and patient(More)
Parkinson's disease is associated with early parasympathetic dysfunction leading to constipation and gastroparesis. It has been suggested that pathological α-synuclein aggregations originate in the gut and ascend to the brainstem via the vagus. Our understanding of the pathogenesis and time course of parasympathetic denervation in Parkinson's disease is(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this article is to describe the development and testing of a prototype application ("The Heart Game") using gamification principles to assist heart patients in their telerehabilitation process in the Teledialog project. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prototype game was developed via user-driven innovation and tested on 10 patients 48-89(More)
GOAL Earlier studies have documented that coronary artery disease (CAD) produces weak murmurs, which might be detected through analysis of heart sounds. An electronic stethoscope with a digital signal processing unit could be a low cost and easily applied method for diagnosis of CAD. The current study is a search for heart sound features which might(More)
BACKGROUND Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a pain condition with regional sensory and autonomic abnormalities in the affected limb. The authors studied systemic autonomic and hemodynamic function in CRPS patients during rest, and during orthostatic and mental arithmetic stress. METHODS Twenty patients with CRPS and 20 age-, sex-, and body mass(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac rehabilitation can reduce mortality of patients with cardiovascular disease, but a frequently low participation rate in rehabilitation programs has been found globally. The objective of the Teledialog study was to assess the cost-utility (CU) of a cardiac telerehabilitation (CTR) program. The aim of the intervention was to increase the(More)