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Toward a Gender-Inclusive Conception of Intimate Partner Violence Research and Theory: Part 2-New Directions
In an article previously published in this journal (Hamel, 2007) the author contradicted the patriarchal paradigm which has guided domestic violence research, intervention and policy for the pastExpand
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A Survey of Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programs in the United States and Canada: Findings and Implications for Policy and Intervention
A 15-page questionnaire, the North American Domestic Violence Intervention Program Survey, was sent to directors of 3,246 domestic violence perpetrator programs (also known as batterer interventionExpand
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Do Judicial Responses to Restraining Order Requests Discriminate Against Male Victims of Domestic Violence?
Every state in the United States authorizes its courts to issue civil orders of protection for victims of domestic violence. Ideally, restraining orders should be available to all victims. However,Expand
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Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programs: A Proposal for Evidence-Based Standards in the United States
In the United States, the judicial system response to violence between intimate partners, or intimate partner violence (IPV), typically mandates that adjudicated perpetrators complete a battererExpand
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Toward a Gender-Inclusive Conception of Intimate Partner Violence Research and Theory: Part 1 – Traditional Perspectives
Some three decades after the first shelters for battered women were established in England and the United States, public discourse and public policy on intimate partner violence (IPV) has framed theExpand
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In Dubious Battle: The Politics of Mandatory Arrest and Dominant Aggressor Laws
A major component in the effort to reduce domestic violence in our communities has been a vigorous criminal justice response, one that holds perpetrators accountable for their actions and helpsExpand
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Partner Abuse Worldwide
Research on partner abuse has lagged in much of the world where attention has been on other problems (such as famine and war) and other crimes against women (e.g., honor killings, genitalExpand
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Motivations for Intimate Partner Violence in Men and Women Arrested for Domestic Violence and Court Referred to Batterer Intervention Programs
Research has attempted to elucidate men and women’s proximal motivations for perpetrating intimate partner violence (IPV). However, previous research has yet to clarify and resolve contentionExpand
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The gender paradigm in domestic violence research and practice part II: The information website of the American Bar Association
article i nfo The Website of the American Bar Association (ABA) sets out to correct ten purported myths about domestic or intimate partner violence (IPV). The critique of these myths appears to beExpand
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