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Modern work is a highly social process, offering many cues for people to organize communication and access information. Shared physical workplaces provide natural support for tasks such as (a) <i>social reminding</i> about communication commitments and keeping track of collaborators and friends, and (b) <i>social data mining</i> of local(More)
In a large online advertising system, adversaries may attempt to profit from the creation of low quality or harmful advertisements. In this paper, we present a large scale data mining effort that detects and blocks such adversarial advertisements for the benefit and safety of our users. Because both false positives and false negatives have high cost, our(More)
A fundamental unit for user interfaces to existing communications applications is the message. However, empirical studies showed that people typically see their communication in terms of other people they interact with and personal social networks. Furthermore, important tasks such as keeping in touch, or tracking communication status, are not well(More)
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