John H. Xin

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In multispectral imaging, Wiener estimation is widely adopted for the reconstruction of spectral reflectance. We propose an improved reflectance reconstruction method by adaptively selecting training samples for the autocorrelation matrix calculation in Wiener estimation, without a prior knowledge of the spectral information of the samples being imaged. The(More)
Two methods for colorimetric characterization of color scanner are proposed based on the measures of perceptual color difference error. The first method is used to minimize the total color differences between the actual and predicted color samples. The second one, which is a generalization of the existing cubic-root pre-processing technique, derives the(More)
Our study deals with color synthesis of a three-dimensional object in an image; i.e., given a single image, a target color can be accurately mapped onto the object such that the color appearance of the synthesized object closely resembles that of the actual one. As it is almost impossible to acquire the complete geometric description of the surfaces of an(More)
In this study, a label-free graphene-based fluorescence probe used for detection of volatile organic liquids was fabricated by a simple, efficient and low-cost method. To fabricate the probe, a bio-based β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) was firstly grafted on reduced graphene surfaces effectively and uniformly, as evidenced by various characterization techniques such(More)
We report the fabrication of a highly sensitive amphiphilic copolymer-based nanocomposite incorporating with graphene oxide (GO), which exhibited a low-intensity UV light-triggered sol-gel transition. Non-cytotoxicity was observed for the composite gels after the GO incorporation. Of particular interest were the microchannels that were formed spontaneously(More)
Multispectral imaging system is of wide application in relevant fields for its capability in acquiring spectral information of scenes. Its limitation is that, due to the large number of spectral channels, the imaging process can be quite time-consuming when capturing high-resolution (HR) multispectral images. To resolve this limitation, this paper proposes(More)
Recently zwitterionic materials have been widely applied in the biomedical and bioengineering fields due to their excellent biocompatibility. Inspired by these, this study presents a graft-to strategy via covalent bond formation to fabricate safe and durable antibacterial textile surfaces. A novel zwitterionic sulfobetaine containing triazine reactive group(More)