John H. Wormuth

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Year to year variation and vertical distributions of epipelagic Zooplankton around Elephant Island and King George Island were examined with samples collected with bongo nets and a 1 m2 MOCNESS during the austral summers (Jan–Feb.) of 1988, 1989 and 1990. Copepods were the major components of epipelagic Zooplankton (in numbers) with dominance of Metridia(More)
Statolith trace elemental concentrations can be used as natural tracers to better understand life history and stock structure of squid. A highly variable Humboldt squid population was targeted to determine if ontogenic patterns could be revealed and to compare variations among squid collected from three geographic areas. Statoliths from Humboldt squid(More)
Information is provided on the distribution, size and maturity composition of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) stocks in the Elephant Island and King George Island areas, and at repeatedly sampled sites to the north of each island, during January–February, 1988. The overall distributional patterns of different sizes and maturity stages demonstrated a(More)
Major hindrances for most scientific studies involve a lack of funding, sampling, or equipment. Without large, high resolution sample sets spanning significant spatial scales, long temporal scales, or both, it can be difficult to discern accurate results. This can be the case for some population studies and fisheries management efforts. One novel approach(More)
38-khz ADCP Investigation of Deep Scattering Layers in Sperm Whale Habitat in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. (December 2004) Amanda May Olson, B.S., University of North Dakota Co-Chairs of Advisory Committee: Dr. Douglas C. Biggs Dr. Steven F. DiMarco A hull-mounted 38-kHz phased-array acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) was used to acoustically survey(More)
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