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OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of haemorrhagic disease of the newborn in the British Isles, study risk factors, and examine the effect of vitamin K prophylaxis. DESIGN Prospective survey of all possible cases of haemorrhagic disease of the newborn as reported by consultant paediatricians using the monthly notification cards of the British Paediatric(More)
Peer-led health education in school is widely used. Advocates suggest it is an effective method based on the belief that information, particularly sensitive information, is more easily shared between people of a similar age. Critics suggest that this is a method not based on sound theory or evidence of effectiveness. This review evaluates school-based(More)
We made direct noninvasive magnetic measurements of hepatic iron stores with a specially designed superconducting quantum-interference-device (SQUID) susceptometer in 20 normal subjects and in 110 patients with liver disease, iron deficiency, hereditary hemochromatosis, or transfusional iron overload. Magnetic in vivo measurements of liver non-heme iron(More)
1. Test meals containing various concentrations of glucose, maltose, sucrose, fructose, lactose, galactose and mixtures of these solutes were given to six healthy subjects. All meals contained 40 mM sodium citrate.2. The slowing of gastric emptying produced by the disaccharides in test meals was generally consistent with the stimulation of duodenal(More)
OBJECTIVE To survey vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB) and document vitamin K (VK) prophylaxis practice, and compare with findings predating withdrawal of Konakion Neonatal and guidance from the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), both occurring in 2006. DESIGN Two-year surveillance of VKDB (2006-2008) using British Paediatric(More)
OBJECTIVE Nonautoimmune hyperthyroidism (NAH), a rare autosomal dominantly inherited condition characterized by nonremitting thyrotoxicosis and the absence of features of autoimmune thyrotoxicosis, can result from activating germline mutations in the thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) gene. We report clinical and genetic features of a new family with NAH, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct and report monitoring of vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB) in Great Britain and Ireland following the 1988-90 survey (VKDB-90). DESIGN Two 2-year surveys conducted during 1993-4 (VKDB-94) and 2001-02 (VKDB-02). SETTING Data collected from all consultant paediatricians in Great Britain and Ireland. PATIENTS All infants(More)
In healthy subjects, standing elicits a reduction in blood flow to the skin of the foot. In adults with insulin dependent diabetes this posturally induced response is deficient, resulting in capillary hypertension when the foot is in the dependent position (that is, below heart level). Such functional abnormalities of the microcirculation in diabetes may(More)
The maturation of deglutition apnoea time was investigated in 42 bottle-fed preterm infants, 28 to 37 weeks gestation, and in 29 normal term infants as a comparison group. Deglutition apnoea times reduced as infants matured, as did the number and length of episodes of multiple-swallow deglutition apnoea. The maturation appears related to developmental age(More)