John H. Thornton

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A recent study by two prominent finance researchers, Fama and French, introduces a new framework for studying risk vs. return: the migration of stocks across size-value portfolio space. Given the financial events of 2008, this first attempt to disentangle the relationships between migration behavior and stock returns is especially timely. Their work,(More)
The effect of monensin on methanogenesis was examined. Growing steers were fed 4.1 kg daily of a low roughage diet (12.6% crude protein, 12% acid detergent fiber) or 5.4 kg daily of either a medium roughage (12.3% crude protein, 27% acid detergent fiber) or a high roughage diet (14.4% crude protein, 40% acid detergent fiber) with or without 200 mg of(More)
Effects of nicotinic acid on glucose metabolism were studied in a series of experiments with goats. Oral administration of single doses of nicotinic acid (6.5 to 17.0 g) elevated blood glucose, impaired glucose tolerance, and elevated insulin. The magnitude of the effects was related positively to nicotinic acid dosage. Maximum effect occurred 2 to 3 days(More)
1. Lipolytic rates expressed as mumol glycerol released per mg protein increased with body weight in Holstein steers. 2. Lipolytic rates were greatest in both inner and outer back fat and lowest in omental, perirenal, and intermuscular fat depots. 3. Epinephrine stimulated overall glycerol release 3-5-fold. 4. Fasting resulted in greater basal lipolytic(More)
Blood samples and subcutaneous fat biopsies from six dairy cows at -14, 0, 14, and 28 days of parturition were analyzed to test the hypothesis that movement of calcium into subcutaneous fat contributes to hypocalcemia of parturient paresis. Plasma and subcutaneous fat calcium decreased while plasma free fatty acids increased at parturition. No trends were(More)
on the irrigation works at Dehrea, and soon after it appeared, in the town of Buxar, where it lasted for about a month attacking 136 persons and causing 65 deaths. I do not allude further to these two outbreaks, as they have doubtless been already reported upon by the Civil Surgeons of Dehree and Buxar. A few cases were reported at Chowsah (near Buxar), and(More)
i 71, but it was not until 1S7-A that he perceived the first symptoms of the disease from which he is now suffering in the form of patches, more or less discoloured, which he mistook for ring.worm and_ treated accordingly without any benefit resulting In 18/o, .after bathing in a hot sulphur spring the patches increased and became generally diffused over(More)
We examine stock repurchases in Korea. Korea allows unique mechanisms, stock stabilization funds. Our results indicate that these funds are treated by the market as a weak form of repurchase. Firms in Korea that announce open market repurchases repurchase 90% of the announced shares within 3 months. This compares to a smaller percentage in 3 or more years(More)