John H. Sayler

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A modelling scheme is presented which provides a medium for the rigorous, formal and abstract specification of large-scale software system components. The scheme allows the description of component behavior without revealing or requiring the description of a component's internal operation. Both collections of sequential processes and the data objects which(More)
A Software Designer's Associate (SDA) is a workstation-based collection of tools which support: 1) the description, evaluation and comparison of software system architectural designs, and 2) cooperation among, and management of, a team of software designers [Ridd87]. Each Software Designer's Associate is a specific instance of a generic facility which(More)
A technique for software system behavior specification appropriate for use in designing systems with concurrency is presented. The technique is based upon a generalized ability to define events, or significant occurrences in a software system, and then indicate whatever constraints the designer might wish to see imposed upon the ordering or simultaneity of(More)
The fundamental pragmatic objective of metrics for software is to provide means for controlling the costs of software projects . Software systems are always changing : as the requirements or the specifications for the systems change over time, as bugs are fixed, as customers desire enhancements to these systems . These changes incur substantial costs and(More)
data types have recently emerged as an important facility for the specification of sequential programs. Originally defined in the language SIMULA,l abstract data types were soon recognized as useful in structured programming. 2 Their recent refinement has taken three directions. First, they have been developed to support top-down design methods. 3 Second,(More)
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