John H. Sayler

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A modelling scheme is presented which provides a medium for the rigorous, formal and abstract specification of large-scale software system components. The scheme allows the description of component behavior without revealing or requiring the description of a component's internal operation. Both collections of sequential processes and the data objects which(More)
A Software Designer's Associate (SDA) is a workstation-based collection of tools which support: 1) the description, evaluation and comparison of software system architectural designs, and 2) cooperation among, and management of, a team of software designers [Ridd87]. Each Software Designer's Associate is a specific instance of a generic facility which(More)
A technique for software system behavior specification appropriate for use in designing systems with concur-rency is presented. The technique is based upon a generalized ability to define events, or significant occurrences in a software system, and then indicate whatever constraints the designer might wish to see imposed upon the ordering or simultaneity of(More)
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