John H. Roberts

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  • Hardie, Leonard Bruce, Peter Lodish, Alistair Fader, Sutcliffe, John H Roberts +19 others
  • 2006
A factor-analytic model for representing the market structure in panel data. The role of sensory-specific satiety in attribute level variety seeking. Implementing a pre-launch diffusion model: measurement and management challenges of the Telstra switching study. A pre-launch diffusion model for evaluation of market defense strategies. A general unfolding(More)
C onsumers often have to evaluate products comprising a combination of attributes that is not expected by them, given their beliefs about how attributes normally co-vary in the product category. Such an attribute combination implies that the claimed level of a product attribute is then different from what the consumer might infer, given the level of another(More)
F rom 2003 to 2012, the ISMS-MSI Practice Prize/Award competition has documented 25 impactful projects, with associated papers appearing in Marketing Science. This article reviews these papers and projects, examines their influence on the relevant organizations, and provides a perspective on the diffusion and impact of marketing science models within the(More)