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The paper investigates the value of using distinct vegetation indices to quantify and characterize agricultural crop characteristics at different growth stages. Research was conducted on four crops (corn, soybean, wheat, and canola) over eight years grown under different tillage practices and nitrogen management practices that varied rate and timing. Six(More)
"CO2 uptake and ecophysiological parameters of the grain crops of midcontinent North America: Estimates from flux tower measurements" (2013). Keywords: Net CO2 exchange partitioning Gross photosynthesis VPD limitation of photosynthesis CO2 sink Maize Wheat a b s t r a c t We analyzed net CO 2 exchange data from 13 flux tower sites with 27 site-years of(More)
Data on air emissions from open-lot beef cattle () feedlots are limited. This research was conducted to determine fluxes of particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter ≤10 μm (PM) from a commercial beef cattle feedlot in Kansas using the flux-gradient technique, a widely used micrometeorological method for air emissions from open sources. Vertical PM(More)
Pesticide volatilization is a significant loss pathway that may have unintended consequences in nontarget environments. Field-scale pesticide volatilization involves the interaction of a number of complex variables. There is a need to acquire pesticide volatilization fluxes from a location where several of these variables can be held constant. Accordingly,(More)
For many natural and agricultural landscapes, vegetation partially covers the ground surface, resulting in significant variations in soil heat flux between interspace areas and underneath vegetation. This is particularly apparent in arid and semiarid regions where vegetation cover is low and clustered or ‘clumped’ with large areas of exposed soil. Surface(More)
An 8-yr study was conducted to better understand factors influencing year-to-year variability in field-scale herbicide volatilization and surface runoff losses. The 21-ha research site is located at the USDA-ARS Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, MD. Site location, herbicide formulations, and agricultural management practices remained(More)
ABstRAct Net CO 2 exchange data of legume crops at 17 ux tower sites in North America and three sites in Europe representing 29 site-years of measurements were partitioned into gross photosynthesis and ecosystem respiration by using the nonrectangular hyperbolic light-response function method. e analyses produced net CO 2 exchange data and new(More)