John H. Manley

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In any large scale data processing development the cost of software development is three to five times the cost of hardware. It is estimated that in 1980's this development cost will jump to ten times that of the expenditures predicted for the hardware of that era. If the Government or industry is to maintain a ceiling on this cost, research must be(More)
There is a special subset of the total set of electronic data processors that is growing in importance, especially to the Air Force. This class of computers possesses several unique features that cause software development to be very expensive with relation to the number of lines of code required to make them run. This paper describes some of these unique(More)
The main theme of the 8th International Conference on Software Engineering is the “establishment of a better understanding of the software process and its improvement through the provision of better models, methods and tools.” This paper addresses the second half of this theme by defining the issues involved with making strategic improvements to(More)
Injections of biological specimens and substrates with cesium were made with a small accelerator in the energy range of 20 to 1000 electron volts. Subsequent electron microscopic examination demonstrated that the contrast and appearance of the specimen depend on its structure and on the energy of injection. Substrate noise is decreased over conventional(More)
The continuing education of engineering professionals has been an important objective of the University of Pittsburgh's Manufacturing Systems Engineering Program (MSEP) since its inception in 1987. Making relevant graduate-level programs accessible to the population of engineering professionals separated from traditional university communities has been the(More)
A dog with signs of weakness, labored breathing, and generalized edema was examined. It was heavily infested with fleas and had wounds resulting from a recent fight. Hematologic findings were not remarkable, except for parasites in the blood. The dog was treated for fleas and given antibiotics, but was euthanatized when it failed to respond. Blood and(More)