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In 1952 Palade introduced the use of Michaelis' veronal-acetate buffer for regulating the pH of osmium tetroxide-fixing solutions for electron microscopy (1, 2). This buffer has enjoyed wide popularity and is regarded as satisfactory by many cytologists. The veronal-acetate buffer suffers from several limitations, however. I t is not particularly stable,(More)
BENNETT, H. STANLEY, JOHN H. LUFTANDJAMES C.HAMPTON. Morphological class$kations of vertebrate blood capillaries. Am. J. Physiol. Ig6(2): 381-390. I g5g.Morphological features of blood capillaries from various vertebrate forms and organs are presented. Simple classifications are proposed, based on presence or absence of continuous basement membrane, on the(More)
  • John H. Luft
  • The Journal of biophysical and biochemical…
  • 1956
During the early phases of tissue sectioning for electron microscopy, virtually all of the standard cytological fixatives were tried. Of these, osmium tetroxide appeared to give the best preservation, and this was further improved by buffering the fixative solution at a slightly alkaline pH (Palade (1)). A variant developed by Dalton (2) contains Os04 in a(More)
A new mechanism is presented to explain how increased or decreased mechanical stresses applied to bone are translated into osteoblastic and/or osteoclastic activity. A mechano-chemical hypothesis for bone remodeling induced by mechanical stress is presented in an attempt to explain this phenomenon. Bone responds to mechanical stress by differential growth(More)