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Genetic algorithms show powerful capabilities for automatically designing fuzzy systems from data, but many proposed methods must be subjected to some minimal structure assumptions, such as rule base size. In this paper, we also address the design of fuzzy systems from data. A new evolutionary approach is proposed for deriving a compact fuzzy classification(More)
Adaptive tracking techniques are applied to pneumatic muscle actuators arranged in bicep and tricep configurations. The control objective is to force the joint angle to track a specified reference path. Mathematical models are derived for the bicep and tricep configurations. The models are nonlinear and in general time-varying, making adaptive control(More)
—This paper studies the evolutionary design of a fuzzy P+ID controller for an actual pneumatic muscle actuator system. The control of pneumatic muscles is a challenging problem because of their high degree of nonlinearity, time-varying parameters, and uncertainty. A fuzzy P+ID controller is constructed using an incremental fuzzy logic controller in place of(More)
to serve on the dissertation committee.chowiak for their advice and support. I would also like to thank Glenna Haberzetle for her administrative assistance, essential to the effectiveness of our research efforts. Finally, and most importantly, I thank my mother Maria, my wife Anne, and God, for constant support and inspiration in all my efforts. Without(More)
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