John H Kleffner

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In order for radiotherapy residents to become proficient with physics concepts, a certain amount of reinforcement and repetition is necessary. An assembly of computer programs has been developed for the RSX operating system with the aim of shifting these repetitive tasks from the physics staff to a computer. Three types of interactions are employed: (1)(More)
Collaborative learning organizes students into small groups in which they assist each other to solve problems and integrate skills and knowledge. Students increase self-esteem and develop a more positive attitude toward learning. Collaborative learning can be used in classrooms, laboratories, and clinical settings. Learning is accomplished through(More)
This paper describes the components of an instructor improvement program known as VISIT (Videotaping Instruction for Self-Assessment of Instructional Technique). Through the use of videotape recordings of classroom, laboratory or clinical teaching and observation by trained observers, faculty can pinpoint instructional strengths and problem areas, plan(More)
Evaluating performance of dental students is often accomplished by faculty observation. Ratings are assigned and later translated into scores which form the basis for important decisions such as admission to dental school, course grades, or admission to graduate programs. Situational factors such as variability among faculty observers or day-to-day(More)
When students struggle with routine assignments and fall behind classmates, a busy teacher may pigeonhole them as slow, give up on them, or become frustrated from failed efforts to bring them up to speed. Well-intentioned efforts to help struggling students by providing repetitions of the same experiences may fail because the specific cause of the sub-par(More)
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