John H. Hine

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Performance is an important area of World Wide Web research. We investigate ways of exploiting knowledge about client behavior and resource dependencies to improve performance. Our work explores two directions for making use of this information. One direction examines combining knowledge of client behavior with resource dependencies to reduce latency by(More)
Recent rese'arch has revealed that long distance freight transport in three African CFA Franc zone countries (Cameroon, C6te D'Ivoire and Mali) is around f ive times more expensive than in Pakistan. A wide range of f actors appear to account for this difference. Pakistan gains from a very competi~tive working environment. Low cost simple trucks are used(More)
Palliative care has been described as the active total care of patients whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment. The principles of palliative care are applicable to patients living with non-malignant disease such as end stage renal failure. This paper describes the development of standards of palliative care in a renal care setting. It(More)