John H. Heinrichs

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As firms begin to implement web-based presentation and data mining tools to enhance decision support capability, the firm's knowledge workers must determine how to most effectively use these new web-based tools to deliver competitive advantage. The focus of this study is on evaluating how knowledge workers integrate these tools into their information and(More)
T he information age, or knowledge era, is characterized by rapidly changing customer requirements, market niches, and focused, global competitors (Nasbitt, 1982). The information age has impacted strategic business decisions of the firm by increasing the focus on business processes, supply chain management , and cross-functional relationships. Yet, it is(More)
Purpose To replicate a study done in 1992 on the bibliographic availability of 55 popular culture periodicals sold by a Kroger supermarket in Royal Oak, Michigan. The earlier study asked the question whether time might be a relevant variable for the number of holding libraries. The authors searched WorldCat for the number of reported library holdings for(More)
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