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Galaxy Airlines Flight 203 crashed following takeoff from Reno-Cannon International Airport on 21 Jan. 1985. Sixty-eight persons on board the aircraft perished in the initial crash and resultant fire which followed. Two victims expired as a result of crash injuries within subsequent days and one passenger survived. A community disaster response plan was in(More)
The globalization of today's supply chains (e.g., information and communication technologies, military systems, etc.) has created an emerging security threat that could degrade the integrity and availability of sensitive and critical government data, control systems, and infrastructures. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and even government-off-the-self(More)
As system of systems (SoS) models become increasingly complex and interconnected a new approach is needed to capture the effects of humans within the SoS. Many real-life events have shown the detrimental outcomes of failing to account for humans in the loop. This research introduces a novel and cross-disciplinary methodology for modeling humans interacting(More)
The Department of Defense has identified that integrating the human element into large scale System of Systems (SoS) models is a significant challenge that remains unaddressed. Failure in doing so leads to significant limitations in our SoS analytical capabilities as human performance is a large contributor to the performance of a SoS. The primary challenge(More)
K. Brown, S. Hudan, ∗ R. T. de Souza, † J. Gauthier, R. Roy, D. V. Shetty, G. A. Souliotis, 4 and S. J. Yennello 1 Department of Chemistry and Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter 2401 Milo B. Sampson Lane, Bloomington IN 47405, USA Université Laval, Québec, Canada Cyclotron Institute, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843, USA Laboratory(More)
This report details the medical investigation of the crash of Galaxy Flight 203, on 21 Jan. 1985, near Reno, Nevada. Sixty-eight persons died at the scene, two died during hospitalization, and one victim survived. After completion of autopsies on all victims, pathologists determined causes of death based upon injuries, evidence of smoke inhalation, and(More)
Modeling the cell-division cycle has been practiced for many years. As time has progressed, this work has gone from understanding the basic principles to addressing distinct biological problems, e.g., the nature of the restriction point, how checkpoints operate, the nonlinear dynamics of the cell cycle, the effect of localization, etc. Most models consist(More)
Distribution transformers offer a largely untapped opportunity for efficiency improvements in buildings. Application of energy-efficient equipment can reduce transformer losses by about 20%, substantially cutting a facility’s total electricity bill and offering typical paybacks less than three years. Since nearly all of the electricity powering the(More)
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