John H. Ehrenreich

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Only one report on the neuropsychological sequelae of attempted hanging exists in the English language. Two cases of attempted hanging with subsequent isolated memory deficits are reported. Possible mechanisms for induction of this amnesia are discussed. In these two cases it is most likely that circulatory disturbance produced by the ligatures caused(More)
The present study investigated whether there are significant differences in the responses of individuals of varied social class background to selected TAT cards. White, female college students (N = 70) were classified as "working class" or "middle class" according to the characteristics of their families of origin and were asked to write stories in response(More)
Quantitative differences in subjects' responses to selected TAT cards were studied. 70 white, female college students wrote stories in response to TAT Cards 1, 2, 3BM, 12M, and 13MF. Stories were scored for several measures of drive intensity, defensive pattern, and object relational pattern. On all measures, the several cards were associated with different(More)
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