John H. Chan

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Clinicians are often confronted with the self-report of memory difficulties by patients. This study explored the possible correlates of subjective memory in 67 adult Chinese patients with epilepsy in Hong Kong. These correlates include epilepsy-related factors, mood state, and actual performance on neuropsychological tests. Results suggested that there(More)
The term jing-shen-fen-lie-zheng (mind-split-disease) has been used to denote schizophrenia in Chinese societies. Many Asian countries, where the Chinese writing system is used, adopt a similar translation. This study examined whether a less pejorative name si-jue-shi-diao (dys-regulation of thought and perception) as a diagnostic label for symptoms of(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about sex knowledge, attitudes, and high-risk sexual behaviors among unmarried youth in Hong Kong. It is of public health importance to investigate this topic to inform sex education, policymaking, and prevention and intervention programs. METHODS Based on the Youth Sexuality Survey conducted by Hong Kong Family Planning(More)
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