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Surrogate concepts are used in all sub-disciplines of environmental science. However, controversy remains regarding the extent to which surrogates are useful for resolving environmental problems. Here, we argue that conflicts about the utility of surrogates (and the related concepts of indicators and proxies) often reflect context-specific differences in(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper sought to determine the psychological characteristics and skills that are fundamental to batting success in the sport of cricket. DESIGN AND METHOD Following on from the findings of an earlier qualitative investigation which suggested that a favourable mix of psychological attributes and skills are critical to high performance in(More)
The Robot Systems Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recently been experimenting with a variety of applications for the NIST ROBOCRANE. The ROBOCRANE design utilizes the basic idea of the Stewart Platform parallel link manipulator. The unique feature of the NIST approach is to use cables as the parallel links and to(More)
An integrated environment was created to study the interaction among fire, heat transfer, and structural deformation from a typical room fire. The fire, thermal, and structural data were linked with a separate 3-D visualization capability, to provide the ability to visualize in real time the thermal and structural behavior of a chosen structural component(More)
We excepted from the logs of the adult and children's emergency room at Soroka Hospital Medical Center the number and types of services requested by day for the year 1980. Both total visits and visits for respiratory conditions were examined in order to test whether rain, heat, or pollutants led to increased requests for emergency room care. The total(More)
The Connective Logic Infrastructure Programming (CLiP) system provides an alternative means of implementing concurrent (multi-threaded and/or distributed) software applications. The technology comprises a machine translatable visual programming language, runtime, and toolset. An Introduction to CLiP and its Symbolism Page 2 of 78 Copyright © CLS Ltd. 2006
Because wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) are an important game species and turkey hunter numbers are increasing, the need for better information on how turkeys use their environment is critical. With the recent advent of GPS technology suitable for use on wild turkeys, we are now able to collect data on a scale not previously possible. We used backpack(More)
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