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OBJECTIVE To describe food habits and dietary intakes of athletic and non-athletic adolescents in Switzerland. SETTING College, high schools and professional centers in the Swiss canton of Vaud. METHOD A total of 3,540 subjects aged 9-19 y answered a self-reported anonymous questionnaire to assess lifestyles, physical plus sports activity and food(More)
Not coincidentally, deliberative policy analysis has been practiced often in cases that in a very essential sense involve value dissent and major uncertainties: cases of what Beck, Giddens and others have designated `reflexive modernisation'. Deliberation, under such circumstances, is to support a synthesising kind of judgment across existing(More)
This paper discusses how " the " transportation problem was structured in traffic and transportation studies by the parliamentary technology assessment (PTA) agencies of Germany, Denmark and the European Union. The focus is on cultural biases in TA methods with regard to the way in which the social problem was defined and translated into research questions(More)
A possible explanation for policy implementation failure is that the views of the policy’s target groups are insufficiently taken into account during policy development. It has been argued that involving these groups in an interactive process of policy development could improve this. We analysed a project in which several target populations participated in(More)
OBJECTIVES The practical significance of health technology assessment (HTA) in policy decisions or clinical practice has been challenged. Possibly, problem definitions underlying HTA do not concur sufficiently with the problem definitions held by policy makers or clinicians. We performed an in-depth case study on mebeverine, a drug prescribed to patients(More)
Better knowledge of the dietary intake of teenagers is necessary to help health professionals to provide better advice on an individual and data for prevention and health programme. We carried out a dietary survey by 3-day records technique in a group of adolescents living in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Food habits were traditional but rich in refined(More)
Deliberative policy analysis has been practiced often in cases that Beck, Giddens and others have designated “reflexive modernisation”. Deliberation under such circumstances is to support a synthesising kind of judgment in which assumptions, knowledge claims, distinctions, roles and identities normally taken for granted must be critically scrutinised. Thus(More)