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We evaluate all the primitive divergences contributing to the 7–loop β–function of φ4 theory, i.e. all 59 diagrams that are free of subdivergences and hence give scheme– independent contributions. Guided by the association of diagrams with knots, we obtain analytical results for 56 diagrams. The remaining three diagrams, associated with the knots 10124,(More)
Three cases are described with documented ventricular fibrillation shortly after the patients received disopyramide in moderate dosage. Electrocardiograms showed markedly prolonged Q-T intervals in two patients and a prominent U wave with a prolonged Q-U interval in one patient, but no change in QRS width. Disopyramide-induced ventricular fibrillation(More)
We provide a short discussion of the dimension two condensate A 2 and its influence on the infrared behaviour of the gluon propagator in the Landau gauge. Simultaneously, we pay attention to the issue of Gribov copies in the Landau gauge. We also briefly discuss a local, gauge invariant non-Abelian action with mass parameter, constructed from the dimension(More)