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Data centers are an indispensable part of today's IT infrastructure. To keep pace with modern computing needs, data centers continue to grow in scale and consume increasing amounts of power. While prior work on data centers has led to significant improvements in their energy-efficiency, detailed measurements from these facilities' operations are not widely(More)
Emergency medical services (EMS) dispatchers are given the stressful task to redeploy EMS vehicles to maintain adequate coverage of a city. Most city dispatchers perform this task by looking at a physical or computer map and forming a decision based on their experience and intuition. This can result in inefficient redeployment of vehicles costing the city(More)
  • John Goodhue
  • 2009
In order to work efficiently, clusters for high performance computing require a balance between the compute, memory, inter-node communication, and I/O. Fast communications among one thousand multicore nodes requires short wire paths and power-efficient CPUs tightly integrated with memory, communication, and I/O controllers. The tutorial describes the(More)
Data centers are at the heart of the IT-driven economy. Power consumption of a single data center can range from tens to a hundred megawatts, and operational costs can run into millions of dollars a month. Data center operators incorporate careful design and optimizations to reduce large-scale data centers energy consumption. Because data center design and(More)
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