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Forecasting in least absolute value regression with autocorre-latederr ors: A small sample study,Int. Permutation-based multivariate regression analysis: The case for least sum of absolute deviations regression, Ann. Formulation and solution of structured total least norm problems for parameter estimation, IEEE Trans. 11-t 6 y(t) min error t with kth rowinB(More)
Evidence is presented indicating that dementias are associated with a relative insufficiency of Magnesium (Mg) in the brain. Such insufficiency may be attributable to low intake or retention of Mg; high intake of a neurotoxic metal, such as aluminum (Al), which inhibits activity of Mg-requiring enzymes; or impaired transport of Mg and/or enhanced transport(More)
This study was designed to evaluate the toxicity and efficacy of cisplatin and WR-2721 in contrast to cisplatin alone for the therapy of measurable metastatic melanoma. Ninety-four patients with metastatic melanoma were randomized to receive either cisplatin at a dose of 150 mg/m2 and WR-2721 at a dose of 910 mg/m2, or cisplatin alone at a dose of 120(More)
Peer Instruction (PI) has been shown to be successful at improving pass-rates and improving retention of majors in large classes at large research-intensive institutions. At these institutions, students have been shown to learn from peer discussion in PI and both students and faculty have reported that they value PI in their classrooms. However, little is(More)