John Gilmer

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Distant supervision has become the leading method for training large-scale relation extractors, with nearly universal adoption in recent TAC knowledge-base population competitions. However, there are still many questions about the best way to learn such extractors. In this paper we investigate four orthogonal improvements: integrating named entity linking(More)
We participated in both the English Slot Filling and Entity Linking in the 2013 TAC-KBP evaluation. Our Slot Filling system provides an answer to the following conjectures: Can Open Information Extraction (Open IE) form the basis of a high precision extractor for a set of target relations in an ontology? And, just as importantly, can this be done with a(More)
Lamellar pleural thickening (LPT) is a fibrotic disease induced by exposure to Libby amphibole (LA) asbestos that causes widespread scarring around the lung, resulting in deterioration of pulmonary function. Investigating the effects of autoantibodies to mesothelial cells (MCAA) present in the study populations has been a major part of the effort to(More)
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