John Geraghty

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When rigid scheduling rules apply to wet tools, the development of Cycle Time (CT) optimization strategies becomes a relevant challenge. The impact of sequencing optimization on makespan performance at a wet tool is investigated here by means of a hybrid optimization model that combines an exact optimization approach, based on an efficient permutation(More)
The rare 'burned out' phenomenon in germ cell tumors is known as the presence of an extragonadal germ cell tumor without traces of neoplasm in the testis. This condition is different and less common from the primary extragonadal germ cell malignancies. These malignancies are treated surgically with or without adjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy and their(More)
A concurrent engineering approach integrating analytic hierarchy process (AHP) with quality function deployment (QFD) in combination with cost factor measure (CFM) has been delineated to rank and subsequently select candidate-suppliers undermultiple, conflicting-in-nature criteria environmentwithin a value-chain framework. Engineering requirements and(More)
This paper presents a simulation study on production and inventory control at the supply chain (SC) level and examines through a series of experiments the potential impact of the Hybrid Kanban-CONWIP production control strategy on the trade-off between the conflicting objectives of maximising customer service level and minimising Work-In-Process (WIP).(More)
This paper presents a new batch scheduling heuristic - the Time-Limited Next Arrival heuristic for batch processing and setup reduction (TLNA). This heuristic has been defined for a batch processing machine group in a re-entrant manufacturing environment where setups are sequence-dependent. When making the scheduling decision, TLNA takes into account future(More)
Lean Manufacturing often simply referred to as Lean is a process management philosophy that aims to improve the way in which products are manufactured. It does this through identifying and removing waste and creating a smooth transition between stages in the production process. To a large extent, it relies on visual and simple mechanical aids to assist in(More)
When exploring the Lean issue, literature appears to have countless definitions to describe that individual topic, causing misinterpretations between academics and professionals alike. The mainstream Lean implementation ventures are merely a compilation of tools and methods that are forced down the organisational hierarchy from higher tiers, due to other(More)
This paper is devoted to a robust steering control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) based on tuning of PID controller using Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Harmonic Search Algorithm (HSA). Tuning of PID parameters is important because, these parameters have a great effect on the stability and performance of the control system. A harmonic Search Algorithm(More)