John George

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Imaging of brain activity based on magnetoen-cephalogmphy (MEG) requires high resolution estf motes that closely approcimate the spatial distribution of the underlying currents. We etamine the physics of the MEG problem t o motivate the development of a new algorithm that meets its unique requirements. The technique is a nonparametric, iterative, weighted(More)
— In this paper we investigate admission control and power allocation for cognitive radios in an underlay network. We consider the problem of maximizing the number of supported secondary links under their minimum QoS requirements without violating the maximum tolerable interference on primary receivers in a cellular network. An optimal solution to our(More)
BACKGROUND Muscle injuries are one of the commonest injuries affecting athletes. It often leads to significant pain and disability causing loss of training and competition time. With current treatment, the duration to return-to-play ranges form six weeks to never, depending on injury severity. Recent researches have suggested that autologous platelet-rich(More)
The present study was undertaken to develop a rat model for monitoring the early development of breast cancer. Twelve female rats were divided into two groups of six rats that were either treated with N-methyl-N-nitrosourea to induce breast cancer or with bacterial lipopolysaccharide to induce inflammation. Serum samples taken from the rats prior to the(More)
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is an essential structural component found in Gram-negative bacteria. The molecule is comprised of a highly conserved lipid A and a variable outer core consisting of various sugars. LPS plays important roles in membrane stability in the bacterial cell and is also a potent activator of the human immune system. Despite its obvious(More)
Ultrasound criteria for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) may vary in different populations. To determine the ultrasonographic criteria for CTS in a Malaysian population and compare its usefulness with nerve conduction studies (NCS), we studied patients clinically diagnosed with CTS and normal controls by ultrasonography. All patients also underwent standard(More)
Purpose. This study investigates the association between focal nodular mass with low signal in Hoffa's fat pad adjacent to anterior femoral cartilage of the knee (FNMHF) and focal cartilage abnormality in this region. Method. The magnetic resonance fast imaging employing steady-state acquisition sequence (MR FIESTA) sagittal and axial images of the B1 and(More)
BACKGROUND Anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) is considered as the weakest ankle ligament that is most prone to injuries. Ultrasound imaging with its portable, non-invasive and non-ionizing radiation nature is increasingly being used for ATFL diagnosis. However, diagnosis of ATFL injuries requires its segmentation from ultrasound images that is a(More)
Quantification of knee meniscus degeneration and displacement in an ultrasound image requires simultaneous segmentation of femoral condyle, meniscus, and tibial plateau in order to determine the area and the position of the meniscus. In this paper, we present an active contour for image segmentation that uses scalable local regional information on(More)