John George Karippacheril

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Video-laryngoscopy may provide an enhanced view of laryngeal structures compared to direct visualization. Commercial video-laryngoscopes are often expensive, limiting its adoption for routine use. We describe our initial experience using an inexpensive custom made device. Patients >15 years age, were randomly chosen, after informed consent, for(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare airway sealing pressures, air leak, optimal positioning of the LMA-ProSeal™ and LMA-Classic™ in children. METHODS A crossover, randomized study was conducted in children aged 6 months-7 years weighing <20 kg scheduled for minor elective surgery under GA with sevoflurane. Either a 1.5 or 2-size LMA-ProSeal™ or LMA-Classic™ was(More)
A 62 year old male with a right pyriform fossa lesion extending to the right arytenoid and obscuring the glottic inlet was planned for laser assisted excision. Direct laryngoscopic assessment after topicalization of the airway, showed a Cormack Lehane grade 3 view. We report a case where, in the absence of a fiberscope, a novel inexpensive Universal Serial(More)
With a large output of medical literature coming out every year, it is impossible for readers to read every article. Critical appraisal of scientific literature is an important skill to be mastered not only by academic medical professionals but also by those involved in clinical practice. Before incorporating changes into the management of their patients, a(More)
A 28-year-old lady with term gestation, pre-eclampsia and a vague history of occasional breathing difficulty, on irregular bronchodilator therapy, was scheduled for category 1 lower segment caesarean section in view of foetal distress. A Cormack-Lehane grade 1 direct laryngoscopic view was obtained following rapid sequence induction. However, it was not(More)
To the Editor: There are no reported cases of the presentation of cardiogenic shock associated with thymoma as an isolated regional wall motion abnormality. Myocarditis demonstrated using clinical and histological criteria has been reported to mimic acute myocardial infarction [1]. A 51-year-old man with no previous comorbid illness presented to us with(More)