John Gartland

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STUDY DESIGN Magnetic resonance discography using gadolinium as an intradiscal contrast agent was investigated in a prospective study. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the utility of magnetic resonance discography using gadolinium as an intradiscal contrast agent, as compared with the current standard of computed tomographic discography using intradiscal iodinated(More)
STUDY DESIGN A case report with an 11-year follow-up assessment after resection and reconstruction for lumbar chordoma is given. The literature relevant to this topic is reviewed. OBJECTIVES To report the long-term outcome in a case of lumbar chordoma, to review the literature on vertebral chordoma, and to outline the rationale for surgical resection in(More)
The `limited' pneumoencephalogram has been used with excellent success at UCLA for the continuing follow-up of pituitary tumours. It is most useful in following nonsecretory adenomas since tumour regrowth can occur in the absence of clinical signs and symptoms. Total serial pneumoencephalography has not been accepted previously for follow-up of pituitary(More)
A novel gene (RS2) has been isolated from a Beta vulgaris (cv. Regina) cDNA library. The expression of this gene was enhanced in the mature storage organ as compared to leaf tissue. The protein encoded by this gene was found to be alanine- and glutamic acid-rich and it resembles members of the latex allergen Hev b 5 family.
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